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The topic is The Mambo PLEASE add more information for the presentation.

For the World Music Presentation, you are to present a genre of world music with an emphasis on a musical artist(s) or band(s)/group(s) that is representative of that genre. You will be able to choose which world music genre and artist/band you want to research and present. For the presentation, you may include: biographical information, music produced, cultural-specific instruments played, discussion of musical style or genre, their place in history, their impact on culture, etc…

There are a variety of tools that you may use to give your presentation to the class. For example, you can create a slide presentation using Google Slides ( (Links to an external site.)

When your presentation is complete, you will use the World Music Presentation – Submission and Viewing forum to share your presentation with the rest of the class. Your presentation needs to be hosted by a website (such as Prezi, Google, SlideShare, or YouTube, in order to be viewed by the class. When you submit your presentation, you submit a URL link to it; not the actual file. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you use “Google Slides” for your presentation, you need to make your presentation viewable to the public (the class).

This is done by clicking on “Publish to the web” under the File menu (on the upper left of the screen). When you publish to the web, Google will give you a URL.

Topic:  The Mambo

The Mambo is a Cuban musical style that was born in Cuba in the late 1930s and developed there during the 1940s. The Republic of Cuba is the biggest country in the Caribbean which the power of government in Cuba is unlimited; It has about 11 million populations. The island of Cuba is mostly prone to hurricanes.

 Perez Prado developed the mambo into a distinct style of Cuban dance music by adding vibrant, driving rhythms, a fast tempo and pulsating flow, blaring trumpets, and signature reckless dissonance to his compositions” Instrumentation traditions in Mambos vary somewhat from song to song, but there are some common patterns that help to define this music’s sound which are: Piano, Bass, Winds, Strings, Percussion, bongo, timbales, claves, upright, trumpets, and saxophone.

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