World civilization to 1500

1. Compare one of the earliest territorial states to one of the later empires and address he following:

What advantages do the empires have?What limited the potential of these early states?What other social changes made the empires possible? 

2. Technology has played a significant role in the development of these societies. Choose two major technological changes and:

Discuss how each change shaped at least two societies.Be sure you consider how different societies take the same advances and get different results.Discuss one society form the same era that did not experience this change and explain who it evolved differently 

3. In the last few societies we examined, religion and philosophy are taking on new forms. Choose THREE of these societies (Persia, India, China, Greek City States) and answer the following:

How is the development of this philosophy/religion supported by other social changes?How do these ideas support/challenge systems of power?What kinds of resistance/alternative ideologies emerge? 

4. We have seen a lot of leaders so far. Choose THREE and discuss how effective there were. Each should be from a different region, and at least two distinct eras should be discussed. Explain the following for each:

What is their most significant accomplishment?What was the biggest challenge?Why were they more successful than others in the era?What were the benefits/limitations of their legacies?


* Choose TWO of the following questions and answer them

* Each question is 50 points

* Responses should be no more than 1 page single spaced

* I am looking for specifics (kingdoms, rulers, philosophers, etc.), so make sure that these are in your essay

* This does not have to be a fully developed, formal essay. For instance, an intro/concluding sentence will do rather than fully developed paragraphs

* I am looking for variety here, so make sure that several different regions/eras are represented in your answers


If any part of your essay is cut and pasted from ANY internet site OR is not part of the course material (lecutures, texbook, videos, documents, etc.), you will get a zero. This essay is on the course content ONLY.