Work, social well being and policy


For this Social Problem Overview & Social Policy Identification assignment

  • discuss a specific topic within the social problem that you have chosen to focus on;
  • conduct research on the identified social problem using recent news articles, government documents, policy briefs, etc.;
  • select a social policy that addresses the identified social issue.
    • The social policy could be at the federal, state or local level and the policy could be current, recently passed or recently proposed.
    • Because the assignment requires you to assess the impact on employers and employees the policy you select must have relevance to workplaces. (i.e. minimal wage laws will require businesses to increase minimum wage).
    • For this assignment you are only identifying policy and noting the objectives of the policy; a brief on this policy will done in the next assignment.
  • prepare a 6-8 page double-spaced paper that uses the outline below to
  •  1) describe and discuss the overall social problem and 2) identify one public policy that addresses the issue.

The social problem overview and policy identification paper will have two parts:

1. Social problem overview:

  • Identify the social problem
    • discuss: what is the problem?
    • explain: how is the social problem defined?
    • describe: what is the scope of the problem?
    • discuss: who defines the problem?
    • discuss: what underlying causes or factors contribute to the social problem?
    • describe: how does this problem affect working age adults and/or working families?
  • Identify the Goal:
    • What is the general goal? (how is progress made to address this social problem?)
    • Are their sub-goals? (consider sub goals or mini goals that need to be met in order to reach the general goal)
    • Do sub-goals conflict? (what challenges come up in meeting the goals?)

2. Policy Identification:

  • Identify one public policy that address your identified social problem. Your policy may be existing legislation, a recently introduced bill that addresses the problem, or pending legislation.
    • Briefly, what are the objectives of the policies?