Wk 5 Discussion

Answer the following the question on cash assets after reading Chapter 13 in our textbook. Your initial response is due by Thursday (no exceptions). All participation responses to your classmates or myself are due by Monday. Make sure to post a total of 3 substantive responses over 2 separate days for full participation. This includes your initial post and 2 replies to classmates or your faculty member.

Background: Businesses often use their profits (cash assets) to expand their portfolio such as investments, which may include: stocks, bonds, and capital expenditures, which can be used to increase revenue streams. They also invest for protection purposes so they don’t have all of their money in one basket, sort of speak. According to our textbook, there are several reasons why a business must practice sound financial management when using their profits.

Discussion Question:

With that said, In your initial response, you will be discussing one of the investment options listed in the table below. Keep in mind that the investment option is for a healthcare organization. The investment option you will write about is assigned by last name. In addition, make sure to include the following 3 bulleted items listed below in your initial response:

  1. Discuss what you might need to do during your analysis to make the decision to invest in that particular option
  2. Name the financial statement you would use to help you make the decision.
  3. Give the rationale of why you think the healthcare organization would benefit from using their cash assets to invest in the option you are assigned.


Make sure your initial response is 175- to 265-words.

APA Formatting: Use citations where appropriate and list references. All citations and references, if used, must be in APA format. Only 15% of the content can be source material. If you write in your own words, only the reference is required.