WEEK V(15)

You are a fire investigator responding to fire that was recently extinguished at a local business. The business is a fabric store that had been in operation for approximately thirty years. The damage to the building was substantial, and a lot of merchandise was lost. The fire occurred at night, and the owners were not in the building. The owners do not believe that they left any electronics turned on, and they did not light candles in the building; however, the building’s electric heat was running. The owners are quite concerned that the fire was set intentionally, as there have been recent fires in the area set by local youth.

You begin your investigation and notice multiple areas of origin, slight odor of an accelerant, an empty container, and an unsecured door at the rear of the building. All areas of origin have a V-pattern appearance with conclusive evidence of charring that indicates the fire's spread in relationship to combustible products. Also, you see the fire protection system that included both smoke and sprinkler activation, which helped to contain the fire within the building.

Explain the process that you would use to document the evidence. Explain what you would document, why, and how you would use it. Your case study should be at least 500 words in length (approximately two full pages in length, not including the title and reference pages). Be sure to format your paper using APA standards.

Please note: You should be very creative in your investigative approach to include the scientific method and any safety efforts that were taken by the fabric store, such as the use and purpose of captured surveillance camera coverage.