Week 9 (Mar 8 – 14) The Essentials of Control

 What is the difference between strategic and operating controls? What level of management within your organization would be most concerned with operational controls? 

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 Strategic control is based on strategies or planning brought for to complete a large goal or task for the organization, such as improving sales or production over time. The little changes that take place day by day are the operational controls, which are present changes or procedures that guide the way that things are done throughout the organization. People on the line may have to produce a certain amount of  items every hour and if they cannot do this, then overall production will fall short. Daily short-comings of goals will affect the long-term goals or strategies that have been set in place to improve but if they aren’t working right, then the plan needs to be adjusted or thrown out and a new strategy may need to be developed. It could be that some people may need to be moved around or placed in areas where they work best. Certain changes can improve production especially when manpower is properly utilized. In our organization, our manager decides who works where and who does what but sometimes his decisions are questionable and cause the workday to lay because the wrong people have been assigned duties that they do not perform well in.