week 8 discussion

Question 1- answer the next question in no more than 75 words

Unit 8, Discussion Prompt Option 3

Ask, Answer, Share

In this thread, you have the opportunity to engage with your peers about the content of the unit in your current environment! Do you have a question for your peers about their experiences with the terms in a clinical setting? Do you wish to share an example of how you understand these terms as they relate to your life or experience? This is a space for peer engagement which will be monitored by your instructor, but if you have specific questions for your instructor please use the Ask Your Instructor forum, email, or course messages.

Question 2- answer to each of your peer’s post in no more than 60 words

1 day agoSarah Mocho u08d1 Prompt 3COLLAPSE

I believe manding should be one of the most intensive interventions in a child’s plan. I really enjoy naturalistic environment training, so contriving manding situations is something I find fun. Out of curiosity, what are some of the ways you all have implemented contrived manding situations in your own work settings? I have experience as an RBT in home and clinical settings, so I am interested to hear how others in roles other than RBT have contrived opportunities for verbal operants. 

2 days agoNia Davis Unit 8, Prompt 2COLLAPSE

When I first got hired for my job, I had to complete orientation. One of the many procedures we learned was to Nurture Heart. Nurture Heart is a procedure recommended to use every day with a client to build a repertoire with them. Alongside Nurture Heart, verbal de-escalation is implanted with clients to avoid or reduce crisis. I wouldn’t compare to Skinner’s Verbal Behavior. Skinner’s book took them to understand and was eventually used in much scholarly work, but Nurture heart is a technique that can be used, but it appears to work but not on everyone.