Week 7 Learning Lab

 Research shows that half of decisions made within organizations fail. Discuss this statement with a supervisor, co-worker or someone you know. Do they agree or disagree and why.
Report your findings. 

Response must be a 150 word initial post.

Respond to comment:

 My coworkers and I always talk about the decisions that are made at our organization daily. Sometimes, it seems as if they don’t care so long as money is being made. True enough, we have many customers but we could better serve them if we had a manager that was capable of making good decisions. At an organization that serves food to customers, we are supposed to work together as a team to ensure that we get the orders correct and that customers don’t have a long wait time. But there are so many employees that are not pulling their weight that others have to take on their duties and the manager acts as if he can’t see what’s going but honestly, he is more a part of the problem rather than the solution. Right now, his decisions may not be costing the organization much but in the long run, he will have to be replaced in order to increase production and teamwork within our organization. Only time will tell.