Week 2 Technology Discussion

  Please provide constructive responses to these two discussion posts (3-4 sentences minimum)

1. One  of the advance features I have learned using Microsoft word is the  insert feature. Being able to place all sorts of symbols, pictures,  graphs to a word document helps make it stand out more. For example, if I  were to write a document that talks about graphs and data, I can insert  a chart to properly displays the numbers I want to present over just  regular text. To do so, you must click on the Insert ribbon right next  to Home, under the Illustrations tab, you will see the Chart option.  Another window will open showing you the many different types of charts  and graphs that you can use to present your data. After selecting the  chart you want to use, the image will be inserted into the document  along with another window that reads Chart in Microsoft Windows. It is a  spreadsheet that you can use to enter the data you would like your  chart to display.

2.  An advanced feature that I learned in Microsoft Word was to insert a  picture. This may not be advanced to others but was a feature I had to  play with to insert correctly. To perform this task you would open  Microsoft word and open a blank document. Once the document is opened  use the tab on top that states insert, once you tap insert you have  options to use picture on device or online pictures. I chose online  pictures which provides more options. To use the online search you can  type whatever your looking for in search engine. Once you select the  picture you want to use on your document click picture and below will  provide option to insert. After tapping insert picture will drop onto  document. The picture on document will then need to be positioned by  clicking on picture and dropping on document where desired. Once picture  is positioned use arrow keys to adjust size of picture as desired. I  find this a great feature and think an added illustration always  enhances a document of any kind.