Week 2 Discussion Eligibility Evaluation Process


This discussion is your opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the objective: Examine the eligibility evaluation process for children with mild to moderate disabilities based on the IDEA.  The discussion represents an introduction to Course Learning Outcome 2 and the MASE Program Learning Outcome 6.

Since September, Mr. Franklin and you have been co-teaching superstars, creating a trusting professional relationship that was built on a foundation of strong communication.  After school one day, you discuss Henry, a student who is falling behind his peers during his Language Arts class.  He started school a few weeks after the beginning of the school year, without any records from his previous school.  You and Mr. Franklin have noticed that while reading silently, he struggles with answering grade-level comprehension questions.  During group activities, Henry sits quietly while his peers actively participate.  You agree with Mr. Franklin that Henry is never a behavior problem and really shines during gym and art class.

Initial Post: Create an initial post that discusses how Henry’s lack of academic progress may contribute to a continual decline in reading comprehension and higher level thinking skills.  Explain, in detail, the potential ‘next steps’ in determining if a disability under one of the 13 categories under IDEA is present.  Use your text and additional resources as scholarly support for your writing.

See attachment for the full work