In this week’s assignment, you will analyze Title IX compliance within an educational institution of your choice.  Begin by accessing the required website located under your weekly resources, Office of Postsecondary Education.  Next, click “Get Data for One Institution," located on the right column of the web page.  Then, review an institution of your choice.  Develop a comparative analysis with Title IX compliance, including the following:

Utilize a profile of the institution’s enrollment figures, including the percentage of males to females.
Analyze the institution’s compliance with Title IX in relation to participation, financial aid, and each component of the 11-point laundry list.
Identify and describe any problems with equity in the institution’s athletic department?  If so, share solutions in ways the institution could better comply.

Length: Total of 5-7 pages (not including title and reference pages)
References: Minimum of three scholarly resources

https://ope.ed.gov/athletics/#/ for the data