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Navigating Real-Life Ethical and Multicultural Issues

As we discussed at the beginning of the course, while there are numerous dimensions of diversity, Hays’s ADDRESSING model provides a useful framework for educators, counselors, and psychologists to examine their own cultural influences, potential biases, and perspectives, and develop a plan to address the impact of these elements on their work with others.

In your course text, Decoding the Ethics Code, Fisher presents ethical and legal issues of which psychologists and future psychologists like yourself must be cognizant. Additionally, there are several ethical theories presented to help you understand how to begin considering these risky issues.

Your final course discussion offers one more opportunity for you to think critically about how multicultural, legal, and ethical issues intersect and intertwine. Review the Problem Based Scenario ( Resources), and then respond to the following:

  • What are the ethical issues in this situation?
    • Specify which codes impact this scenario.
  • What are the multicultural concerns?
  • What are the legal issues?

Cite appropriate scholarly research to support your findings;

 refer to the  Resources as you prepare your initial post and responses.


Problem Based Scenario

Jim: So yeah, Sara, this client being a disabled cross dresser. Wow. That was even a new one for me.

Oh but get this. So this one client, Susan, has all sorts of anxieties and one of them is test anxiety. I have this test I need to give her and she is just beside herself about taking it. She keeps asking all these questions about it. She seems genuinely fearful about not doing well.

Sara: From what you have told me about her, the test really should not be that big of a deal. But I could see where this anxiety piece would present a problem for her.

Jim: Well, she says her disability gives her a disadvantage on tests, but this test has shown to not be biased to her disability. I have read a number of studies that show that appropriate preparation can overcome test anxiety, so, to help her out with her anxiety, I decided to give her a copy of the test to take home and review before it is administered. That seemed to relieve her anxiety.

Sara: Uh huh. I bet that helped her out a lot. Do you not wish you could do that with all your clients?

Jim: Of course. What I could not tell her was that it is a license protected psychological test, and lending it out like that is not allowed.

Sara: Is she not a very religions person? I thought I saw her in the waiting room one day reading something…

Jim: Oh, she is super religious and plays everything by the book, so to speak. Really a goody two shoes, you know? She never would have taken the copy of the test if she knew it was not allowed. She just would have freaked out even more and then her anxiety would have gone through the roof.

Sara: I do not blame you for not telling her. You are such a nice guy and you want to help everyone.

Jim: Say, this coming weekend, Bob is going to some conference out of town. How about you come over and we can pick up where we left off? Maybe you can pack that enticing lingerie I like so much this time, huh?

Observer: Is this not something. I just got hired to work for this psychology services organization that is owned and run by Jim and Bob, a married, same sex couple. What just unfolded was a scene in which I happened to overhear a conversation between Jim and his secretary, Sara. There sure does appear to be something going on between these two. Do you not agree? I thought Jim was gay. And, he is married!

Sara: Oh you are naughty one! So, can I have Friday off then, boss? I think I have to do some shopping.

Observer: I cannot believe what I just overheard. That psychologist, Jim, is supposed to be a professional. But with this kind of behavior… it seems to me that there are a whole host of ethical problems going on here in this office. I cannot believe he and his secretary carry on this way about their clients, even if they are trying to help. Do I say anything? To who? He is the boss and so is his partner who hired me. I just started working here.


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