Universal Design For Learning

This assignment will familiarize the student with Universal Design for Learning, “a set of principles for curriculum development that give all individuals equal opportunities to learn.” (http://www.udlcenter.org/aboutudl/whatisudl) 

Complete parts 1&2 below.  

Part 1: Click on the QR code or  link www.cast.org to learn about Universal Design for Learning found on the CAST website. Watch this video: UDL  Based on this video, respond to the following questions. Please be thorough and detailed in your answers, and ensure that your answers are written in your own words, cite the source. 

Provide a description/definition of UDL 

List and discuss the three Principles of UDL  

When teachers develop goals based on principles of UDL, what should main point should be considered?  

Part 2: Go to Iris and complete the module on UDL. IRIS – UDL 

Be sure to click on all information provided throughout the module. Apply all the information you reviewed to complete the assessment Use the printer friendly version to complete and insert into the UDL assignment.