Two Lesson Plans Enter; One Lesson Plan Leaves

In this assignment, you will write two lesson plans on the same material using two different learning theories of technology.

For the first lesson plan, you will design a lesson using technology that follows one of the 20th-century theories of learning technology and its pedagogy:

  • behaviorist learning theory.
  • cognitivist learning theory.
  • constructivist learning theory.

For the second lesson plan, you will design a lesson teaching the same material but using a 21st-century theory of learning technology and pedagogy:

  • connectivism learning theory.
  • collaborativist learning theory.

Your assignment will be a 4–6 page paper (not including your lesson plans) that compares and contrasts your lessons.

  1. First, you will write your two lesson plans. You must include:
    • An introduction for both lessons, which includes:
      • A summary of topic and lesson content.
      • Demographics of students.
      • A description of the learning environment (public school, corporate training, online classroom, etc.)
      • Lesson goals and objectives.

    Each lesson plan must include:

  • Materials and resources (can be different for each lesson).
  • A lesson outline.
  • Any homework or other assigned work for the lesson.
  • How you will assess the lesson. (It does not have to be a formal assessment. It can be through observation, directed questions, finished product, etc.)
  • A technology that you will use as part of your teaching strategy.
    • You can teach your entire lesson with this technology or use it for part of your lesson.
    • You can use different technology for each lesson

2. Then, you will discuss each lesson and explain:

  • The learning theory and pedagogy you used.
  • How your teaching strategy, activities, and assessment model the learning theory and pedagogy.
  • How the technology for that lesson reflects the learning theory and pedagogy.

3. Next, you will compare and contrast:

  • The strengths and weaknesses of each lesson.
  • The challenges of using each method.
  • Practical issues of using each method in the real world.

4. Lastly, you will explain which lesson you think works better for teaching the content and why, from a learning theory perspective.

5. Provide at least five references that support your analysis.

  • At least three of these sources need to be from the past two years.
  • The rest of the sources must be from within the last five years.