Two activities

 Both are one page each

Module 9 Activity

For this activity, you will be creating a one-page fact sheet. A fact sheet is a short (one-page) document that presents data and key points in order to inform the public about a specific issue

.Look again at the lecture slides 20-23 which outline risk and protective factors for adverse infant health outcomes (e.g., preterm birth, infant mortality) and possible areas of focus for public health intervention. Choose one area of infant or maternal health that can be targeted for intervention to reduce adverse infant health outcomes. Create a fact sheet (one page maximum) that can be given to physicians, to pregnant women, or to new mothers. a) describes the risk or protective factor you have selected, including what the harm or benefit may be to the infant/mother, and b) provides guidelines for addressing the selected factor. Use credible sources such as journal articles, or websites from credible organizations such as WHO, CDC, ACOG, March of Dimes, etc.

Visit the APHA website to see some good examples of fact sheets that were created on HIV. 


Module 10 Activity

For this activity, you will be writing an OpEd, short for Opposite the Editorial, is a newspaper opinion piece from contributors not affiliated with the editorial board. Limited in most newspapers to 700 to 1200 words, writing and getting published is no easy task. The purpose of an Op-Ed is to sway public opinion and change minds using convincing argument and presenting it in a concise, readable way, with sound, logical arguments well-supported by facts. Review this web page on What is an Op-ed Article and How to write one.
Draft an OpEd about a current issue or controversy in family planning. Your piece can be related to any topic from the following list, or a different topic first approved by your instructor.1. Unmet Need
2. Medical or Legal Barriers to Contraceptive Services
3. Affordable Care Act
4. Current Controversies in Family Planning and Population Policy
5. Couples and Men in Contraceptive Decision MakingAs previously stated, your OpEd must be persuasive, but your opinion has to be grounded in facts using a sound and logical argument.