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Research Paper [30%]

This project is meant to be a learning activity to assist in preparing you for a future project (e.g., thesis, technical report). Students will work with real data to answer a research question (or questions) of their own interest, using concepts learned in the course. This assignment can be completed in teams if so desired.

Students are strongly encouraged to work with their advisors, other faculty, or employers to obtain a data set that is suitable for answering their research questions. If such a data set cannot be obtained, sample data sets may be available from the instructor. Another option is to use publicly available data. All data sources must be approved by the instructor before being used for the project.

The paper will include:
(a) title page
(b) abstract
(c) introduction (theoretical rationale, literature review, purpose statement, & hypothesis) (d) method (participants, sampling method, procedure, instrumentation, etc.)

(e) analysis and results (testing of assumptions, effect sizes) (f) references