transcript interview

 I shared the instructions for this last week. Continue working on transcribing your interview and please post a complete or partial transcript by Monday, March 29th (after Spring Break). To prepare for this activity, do the following:

  • Review Chapter 6 in Qualitative Methods in Social Work Research, by Padgett, paying particular attention to the guidelines for transcribing an interview on pages 145-149.
  • Review the transcript from your coding exercise in transcription format. Consider the nuances of the format and how transcribing it in this way will help you with coding. Click here to download the formatted transcript .
  • Select one of the interviews you have completed thus far for your research project.

Transcribe your interview verbatim, according to the guidelines below, and post it to this week’s Discussion Board.Guidelines:NOTE: Although you are only transcribing one of your interviews for this activity, for your research project, you are analyzing all of your interviews and will have the option of transcribing all of them or coding your data directly from the audio recordings.1. For formatting your transcript, ensure  that you have a wide margin on the right hand side (about 3.0″) and use 2.5 line spacing.2. Make sure that the transcript is completely de-identified and there is no identifying information on any page of the transcript.  You do not need to assign a case number/identification number to the participant; you can simply use initials or an assigned name. 3. You do not have to use any software to transcribe your interviews. There are software programs that help you slow down the audio as you are transcribing and others that will manually/automatically transcribe for you. These tools are a great way to save time. Please double check any file that you have not personally transcribed to ensure accuracy.In the past, students have used some of the following software programs. Please note that not all of these services are free. Some of these offer trial versions that maybe helpful to you.(I have personally only used in the past. I cannot speak to the ease or quality of these other software programs. Please do some research to find what best suits your needs.)Trint: For automatic transcription: For paid transcription: