This is a written exam 1.400 words or longer. below i’m going to put the questions that you need to answer.


What is an inductive/deductive argument? Name one KIND of each argument then give an example of each.

What are Euthyphro’s various attempts to define piety (or  holiness) and what are Socrates’ objections to these definitions? Who  gets the better of the argument? Why? What definition for piety would  you give Socrates?

By what means does Socrates attempt to investigate the world? What are  his methods? How does these methods reflect a commitment to critical  thinking, if at all?

What are three Theories of Truth? Give examples of each. Could they work together? Explain.

 Exam 1 – Instructions          

For exam one, you will be choosing 4 questions from the questions  list. You can only choose one question per section (eg, you cannot  choose two questions from section 1). Yes, this means there will be  sections you will not choose a question from.      

You will write anywhere from 2-4 paragraphs for each question you choose (they can be longer!).      

You will be uploading your finished exams to canvas before the due date. In total, your exam should (at minimum) be around    1300-1500 words (but can be longer!).      

In writing your answers, you should keep in mind that you are talking  to a fellow student who is not taking our class. So, you will need to  give context, explain ideas, and even source/cite material. Like as if  you were writing a really good (academic) blog post.      

You will use all the relevant material from our first unit/module.  

This means, at times, you will be using multiple sources in your  answers. I don’t demand actual citations, but referencing lectures,  texts (textbook material and the dialogues), and anything else we have  covered will be crucial but look below for further clarification.  

YOU CANNOT USE OUTSIDE SOURCES! Only material from our textbook and canvas are allowed. 

  All in all, this should not be considered lightly. I have given you  more than three weeks to finish this project and your first major paper  is due the same week, so don’t let things slip!!  

  You will be uploading to canvas/turnitin so please avoid copy/pasta  from the internet or from working with your friends (as always, some  very minor overlap can happen but you must write your own work!).  

General Advice: Write as  if you are speaking to another student who is not enrolled in our class.  They have interest but do not have the context or the background  necessary to understand your answer. So, you should ELABORATE, GIVE  EXAMPLES, PUT THINGS IN CONTEXT, and/or everything else that may help  you explain your answer to your buddy/mom/etc… Follow the handy  checklist below for further clarification.   

The Checklist (the minimum): 

Remember to ask yourself all the important checklist questions:  

  Did I answer every part of the question?  

  Did I organize my answers?  

  Did I fully explain any concepts, ideas, thought experiments,  arguments, etc… necessary for a layperson to understand your answer to  the question?  

  Did I base my answers on what I learned from class (the lectures, the textbook, our discussions, related coursework, etc…)?  

  Did I provide reasons for my own claims (backed up my claims with  evidence, logic, or sensible assumptions (depends on the context*)?  

  Did I avoid using sources from outside the class material?  

As a shorthand (rough guide), did I write 2-3 paragraphs (6 to 10 sentences each) or more?  

  Did I use examples to illustrate points or concepts?  

  Did I meet the minimum word threshold of 1300-1500 words?  

For “A”wesome “A”nswers: Did  I cite the textbook or primary readings? Did I draw connections between  course subject matter and my life/literature/culture/society/etc…?  Did I write a minimum of 3-4    long/detailed paragraphs or more?