their answer

respond to their answers. tell if you agree or disagree and why to each of them.


  1. Were you surprised at the current size of the human population or at its changes since your year of birth? Honestly, no. I thought there would be MORE people if anything. Since the pandemic it would make sense that the population would rise this last year especially because people have a lot of time on their hand. Also, I also feel like the social norms also have had an impact on the birth rate and how much our population has gone up and there are many younger people in the world as opposed to older.
  2. How many people do you believe the Earth can support without dire environmental damage? 
    11 Billion, that’s where in the world population video it was said to plateau due to climate change and limited resources. If it goes any higher that plateau could easily turn into a depreciation if we don’t play our cards right.
  3. Should developed countries help slow the population growth of developing countries? If so, what sorts of methods should be employed to do this? There is no way to slow the population growth in developed countries unless you implement more socialist ideals. If they do they have to limited children per person and it would take a LONG time to get the population where it needs to be.