Summary Paper – Bambrick-Santoyo Tool


Summary Paper – Bambrick-Santoyo Tool

As we look at Principles of Action, there is not enough time in the course to utilize all of Dr. Bambrick-Santoyo's tools, but we will briefly look at the first page (top part) of the North Star Assessment Analysis Sheet and Instructional Plan for Teacher." This can certainly be a tool for you as an administrator when designing a plan of action for teachers.

Go to the CD-ROM that accompanies your textbook. Pull up "03 Sample Results Grid: Middle School Math." Also, find the North Star Assessment Analysis Sheet and Instruction Plan for Teacher, page 1 only.

As you look at all the results for Middle School Math, compare what you see to the Standard Analysis column on the Assessment Analysis Sheet (What standards warrant more time for whole-class instruction, re-teaching and review, Whole Class Instruction.) Note that on the Sample Results page for Middle School Math, the class has repeated 6-1 Standards and 6-2 Standards. Standards 6-3 have not been repeated.

Look at the Small Group Instruction column and respond to the question: "What standards warrant more time for small-group instruction and review?" List and explain your rationale.

Once you complete the Whole Class Instruction column, move to the second column and the "Analysis of Why Students Did Not Learn Standard." What, in your opinion, might be some reasons as to why students did not learn the standards you have chosen.

As you move to the third column, "Instructional Plan – What Techniques Will You Use to Address These Standards" briefly list what you believe would be some strategies to help students. For example for the standard "Fraction of Whole," you might want to talk about how the use of manipulatives might help.

Finally, move to the bottom column and respond to "How or When Will You Structure Small Group Instruction?

Submit a two page summary paper in response to the questions above.