Statistics Major only (please dont waste my time by bidding)


This week’s lab highlights the use of graphics, distributions, and tables to summarize and interpret data.

Follow the directions below to find one of the given academic articles from the school library and then use that to describe the graphs and tables included. Further, you will describe other ways that the same data could be presented.


The deliverable is a Word document with your answers to the questions posed below based on the article you find.

Required Software

  • Microsoft Word
  • Internet access to read articles


Steps to Complete Week 3 Lab


Step 1: For our first broad-based search, choose one of the articles listed below that interests you.  Use the underlined words in your chosen article to search and see how many articles from the Pro-Quest Nursing database contain these underlined words (see the example below the article list)

Article Titles Systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, and pulse pressure: An evaluation of their joint effect on mortality 

Step 2: Go to the school Library

Step 3: Click on the ProQuest Nursing link under the search box

Step 4: Type the underlined words from the article that you chose into the first search bar. Checkmark Full Text, Peer-Reviewed, and choose Last 12 Months from the drop-down list.  Last, choose English Language under the language section.

Step 5: Choose Search to see how many articles in the ProQuest database have those words.

Step 6: Post a screenshot of your search results (topic and the number of articles containing your search terms) to the top of a Word document [see Step 5 above]. Below the screenshot, answer the following questions:

On your search:

    A. What terms did you use?

    B. What other things did you mark on the search page before conducting your search?

    C.Why did you choose the keywords that you did?

    D. How many articles were found with these search terms [from screenshot]?

Part 2:

Step 1: For our second more narrow search, go back and search using THE ENTIRE TITLE of the article you used the keywords from in your first search.  Paste the ENTIRE title into the search bar and find the full article [Do NOT checkmark anything to narrow your search this time!].

Step 2: Find a frequency table and/or graph within the article and post a screenshot in your Word document.



Frequency Distribution      OR            Graph

Step 3: Answer the following questions about your table and/or graph:

    A. What type of study is used in the article (quantitative or qualitative)?

    B. What type of graph or table did you choose for your lab? What characteristics make it this type?

    C. Describe the data displayed in your frequency distribution or graph (consider class size, class width,             total frequency, list of frequencies, class consistency, etc)

    D. Draw a conclusion about the data from the graph or frequency distribution you chose.

    E. How else might this data have been displayed? Discuss pros and cons of 2 other presentation options, such as tables or different graphical displays.

    F. Give the full APA reference of the article you are using for this lab.