Social and Cultural Influences Paper


Social and Cultural Influences Paper


The focus of this paper is on the social and cultural influences in your life. The student will submit a paper that describes the social and cultural influences that have shaped his/her lifestyle and career choices. Implications of those influences for the student’s role as an advanced practice nurse should be identified. This paper should be appropriately cited and APA 7 format is required. This paper should be no longer than 6 typed pages (excluding title page and reference page). Students should use the Grading Rubric for Graduate Written Assignments which is located in the content section of the course as a guide. (I have been influenced by the Hispanic American culture, special from the Cuban- American culture because Cuba is my natal country, and I have been living in the USA for the last 20 years, more than half of my life. The social needs and culture of the Miami Florida community shape my live styles and the choice of my career as an advanced practice nurse). *writer, this is a point to start, that maybe you find useful, but be free to be creative*.

Introduction: Strongly conveys the topic and delineates subtopics to be discussed in the body of text in the assignment.  

 Focus and Sequencing: Content strongly related to the topic; strong organization and integration of content within subtopics; and strong transitions linking subtopics and main topic. 

 Support:  Strong scholarly, peer-reviewed support of topic; supporting materials are published within 5-7 years, as appropriate. 

 Conclusion: Strong summarization with synthesis and insightful discussion of topic conclusions. No new information is introduced into the conclusion.   

 Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation:  No grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. 

 Writing mechanics are consistent with formal scholarly work. 

 No errors in APA style based upon the required APA manuals.