SO1050 Sociology


Health, Healthcare, and Disability
Answer the questions below. For multiple choice questions, select one answer.

1. Sociologists use the term __________ for socially defined and culturally variable states of interference with health.  

Select only one.

☐ disease

☐ disorder

☐ illness

☐ addiction


2. Briefly explain how healthcare activities are intended to improve one’s health.   

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3. Social epidemiologists investigate_______________.  

Select only one.

☐ the human host

☐ the social atmosphere

☐ health coefficients

☐ microscopic carriers

4. Explain the perspective of holistic medicine and the importance of preventative medicine. Write at least two sentences.    

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5. Prior to passage of the Affordable Care Act, approximately how many people in the United States lacked health insurance?  

Select only one.

☐ 4 million

☐ 23 million

☐ 43 million

☐ 100 million


Collective Behavior, Social Movements, and Social Change
Answer the questions below. For multiple choice questions, select one answer.

6. Sociologists define __________ as the alteration, modification, or transformation of public policy, culture, or social institutions over time.  

Select only one.

☐ social divergence

☐ social change

☐ social innovation

☐ culture wars

7. Collective behavior tends to be __________.  

Select only one.

☐ institutionalized

☐ structured hierarchically

☐ enacted within a division of labor

☐ unstructured and even spontaneous


8. Mobs, riots, and panics are all examples of __________ crowds.  

Select only one.

☐ acting

☐ casual

☐ expressive

☐ conventional


9. A __________ is a temporary but widely copied activity enthusiastically followed by large numbers of people.  

Select only one.

☐ style

☐ fad

☐ craze

☐ fashion


10. By definition, fads last longer than fashions.  

Select only one.

☐ True

☐ False


Tying together Culture, Religion, and Healthcare
Read the article below to help you answer the questions.

Why Cultural Respect is Important for Patient Engagement and Healthcare Delivery

11. Cite the article above using APA format. For citation help, use the following link:

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12. Explain what you have learned about the importance of culture and religion in the healthcare setting. Write at least two complete sentences.  

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13. Explain how you can apply this information in your daily life (with your family, friends, and in your community). Write at least two sentences. 

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14. Think about your future career in healthcare. Explain how you can apply this knowledge on the job. Write at least two complete sentences.
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Reflect on what you have learned this week to help you respond to the question below. You may choose to respond in writing or by recording a video!

15. Provide a real-world example or scenario in which a patient may base their medical decisions upon their religious beliefs. Next, explain how you (as a healthcare worker) would respect their religious rights while performing your job responsibilities accurately and ethically.”

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