Short Answer 2


Select ONLY ONE of questions below and answer it completely. Cite your sources and use MLA or APA style. It should be between a paragraph and a page long.

1) Discuss and evaluate Merton’s theory of anomie and the five modes of adaptation.

2) Social disorganization theory is one of the three major cultural deviance theories. Explain this theory, including criticisms or limitations.

3) Compare and contrast strain theories and cultural deviance theories.

4) Albert Cohen’s theory is responsible for major advances in research on delinquency. Discuss Cohen’s theory and then evaluate it.

5) Marvin Wolfgang and Franco Ferracuti developed the subculture of violence theory to explain criminal behavior among young, lower-class, urban males. Discuss the subculture of violence, and then discuss tests of this theory.

6) Traditionally, gang membership has been limited primarily to young, inner-city males. However, gang membership has been changing. Discuss what recent studies reveal about female gang members and middle-class gangs and gang membership.

7) Explain why regulating smoking in public is an example of social control, and also give another example of similar social control either in your state or elsewhere.

8) Explain containment theory and the criticisms that have been directed against it.

9) Discuss three programs that have been informed by social control theory.

10) Discuss the basic assumptions of labeling theory, and then evaluate the theory.

11) Discuss the empirical support for the conflict model.

12) Over the last decade, a number of important critical perspectives have emerged, including radical feminist theory, left realism, abolitionist and anarchist criminology, and peacemaking criminology. Discuss three of these perspectives.