Securing MySQL and what are potential issues with security (Cybersecurity)


You have already sent the memo to Mr. McAlister outlining the need for the disaster plan.  As the database administrator, you have decided to install MySQL to handle the growing need for storage for the database.  Now, in a 2-3 page report, (a minimum of two full pages of content, double spaced, APA format) discuss with the owner the need for securing MySQL and what are potential issues with security now that the system is growing larger.  Include some of the must prevalent security vulnerabilities and issues with MySQL. Again, you are relating it Home Start Realty.   Most owners will want to focus on design of a database, as it easier to comprehend.  As the database administrator, you need to focus on the need for security, so make your points known to the owner supported by facts (that you should reference in your paper). 

Save your document in MS Word memo format (or other professional memo format) and attach it to this assignment.  This assignment is worth 40 points and is due at the end of the academic week. Please make sure you spell and grammar check the document first, as errors in this respect will be deducted from the total points earned.  Make sure to provide references and cite your sources as necessary.