Salvation Through Christ (Offered To Humans, But Man Must Respond)

The New Testament discusses the topic of Salvation.  It lays out the need for salvation, the means of salvation, the target of salvation, the effects of salvation, and the future destination of those who partake in salvation and of those who reject the salvation that has been made available through the Lord Jesus Christ.  If you spent any time in a local Christian bookstore searching the Theology section, you would find an array of books discussing these aspects of the Doctrine of Salvation from various points of view.  However, the Word of God points out salvation is made possible and available by and through the death, burial, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ for humanity.

In Part/paragraph 1 of your personal thread, referring to the Willmington reading for this week, lay out how salvation is made available to mankind and why salvation is needed.  You should note that salvation is initiated by God the Father; made available by and through God the Son (the Lord Jesus Christ); is communicated (which includes convicting, convincing, drawing, etc.) by God the Holy Spirit; is needed by all humanity due to sin; and is received by men when they choose to surrender to the drawing of the Holy Spirit, repent of their sins, and exercise faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and willfully trust Him alone as Lord and Savior. In your thread, write a minimum of 250 words for part/paragraph 1.

Next in part/paragraph 2, note and discuss why Jesus is not simply a good way or the best way for salvation, but rather, why He is the only way to salvation (in a minimum of 150 words).

Write an essay of at least 400 words, with at least 3 citations . List page number of quote. Current Turabian formatting must be used, and acceptable sources include the Bible and your textbook (Willmington, Dr. Harold L., WILLMINGTON’S GUIDE TO THE BIBLE, 30TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION, Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., Carol Stream, IL. 2011 )