Rough draft

Add and fix essay according to these points:

– go back to #1; see all the parts of the question. I am not even sure what segment you listened to. The summary should be around 1 page.

– why? is CO2 bad or good? or both? explain

-how does farming produce methane?

– specifically which gases? Why does it reduce it? Which greenhouse gases are NOT produced when we use green power?

– what else? think about other areas of your life; not just transportation

-what is an example of a policy you would tell Ron DeSantis to implement? Would this help climate change?

– you need 5 references…go to your textbook, chapter on climate change

Attached is Draft and original assignment instructions are below:

You may select any segment that interests you on the Science Friday Degrees of Change (a segment devoted to climate change topics). Listen to the segment and answer the following questions:

  1. Summarize the segment you listened to; include the name, the topic, the scientists (if mentioned), and a description of how it relates to climate change. Do not copy the summary provided on the website (I know you know this…but just a reminder…use your own words). A good way to summarize without plagiarizing is to listen to the discussion, take notes, and then write a summary. You can go back to look for specific information, like the scientist’s name, but most of the summary should come from your memory or your notes. Do not try to read the summary and then write your own summary – this is too hard.
  2. What are the principal gases involved in climate change? What are the primary sources of these gases? How does your topic increase or decrease the gases involved in climate change?
  3. What can you reasonably do to decrease your carbon footprint? Review the Carbon Footprint section of UM Sustainable Systems Factsheets, pages 12 – 13.
  4. As the future generation, or speaking for your children, what would you tell Ron DeSantis is the most critical environmental issue facing Florida today? Give an example of one policy change he could implement that would help address this environmental issue. Be specific. 

Make sure to include 5 references using MLA or APA format.  

A good answer should be 2-3 pages long (double-spaced).