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The title of Hegler’s essay, and a few statements she makes can be a bit misleading, but I believe Hegler’s basic argument is that climate change is not anyone’s fault but instead society’s fault. People take indiviual blame but it should not be that way at all. To function in a society you have to be apart of it. Which sadly is the reason why climate change is even a thing. Therefore her point is to be apart of the movement and actually make a difference. Small changes as she saids does little to nothing with the crisis we are facing.

I absolutely agree with Hegler’s point. What she is saying throughout the essay is all too accurate. I myself have even had individual guilt when doing something knowing it could harm the environment. But the real truth is that the governemnt provides us with these harmful jobs, harmful substances, and much more. Instead of them taking on the problem, they worsen it and put it in our heads that we are the problem, that we are not doing enough and have to change our lifestyles, do little things like recycle and much more. Instead its important to take a stand and let our voices be heard, climate change is an issue, we are not.