Respond to Samantha Post


 A time when I have experienced a challenge and overcame is when I was trying to graduate high school. I had basically no motivation to do so and I was going through a lot at the moment as well and that made everything be so difficult, but I eventually did. I was failing a few of my classes and that was putting a lot of stress on me causing me to procrastinate on improving my grades. I tend to procrastinate a lot when I am a bit stressed and that is why I struggled so much to graduate. I eventually ended up finishing my classes before a lot of people and graduated in time. I felt very relieved when I graduated. I also learned that I really could get through anything life throws at me even if I am not in the right mindset.

   The strategies that I personally liked the most were the one saying to know your priorities, communicate with others about your obligations and multitask. I like to keep in mind my priorities because if I do not, I usually end up not having enough time to do the things I need to do rather than the things I want to do. I have always had a problem with that so making a list of what my priorities are will be helpful. I also like communicating with others either at work at home or with friends about my obligations I usually use this strategy the most because if I have something to do that has with school and it is overlapping with work, I will usually just let my boss know that way I do not have any problems with that. I also let my friends know I cannot go out with them if I have schoolwork. I also like to multitask if I am at work and I am on my lunch or a break. Multitasking will help me catch up with whatever I have due, and it will also help me use up my time wisely. 

   What resonated with me the most is what Amelia Manning stated about her basically liking proving people wrong. When she says that she did the things that others told her she could not do, I related with that. I have always been the person that would love proving people wrong but only when it had to do with me personally. I once stayed at a job I did not like very much for a long time because one of my coworkers insultingly said I would not last in front of me and some ex-coworkers. I worked extremely hard to prove him wrong and was exceptionally good at it too. The point is, if someone tells me I cannot do something, I will basically make it my goal to prove them wrong. I will continue working full time and studying for school to get the career I have been dreaming of since a child and I will prove to them that I can do that and much more.