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Becoming a parent is a blessing but some people are not fortunate to have kids so this may be one of the reasons that they adopt or become foster parents. You also have people out there that just have a good heart and they want to take in kids that other people may not want. They want to show them that there is love and someone is willing to care for them. When a child comes to foster care more than likely they have experience something in their life that was traumatizing. They could have been neglected, physical and sexual abused, or had parents with addiction issues. So one may understand the child may have some behavior issues. Most people may see these types of kids as damage as someone who has anger issues, but that is not it, these are just kids that are having a reaction to the bad things that have happen in their life. So as a foster parent it is very important to understand the history of the child that you are taking in. This will help you understand why they may behave the way they do. The way to handle this challenge is to make sure that the child feels a sense of security and trust. Once they see that someone cares then their attitude will change. A challenge of kids that are adopted is that as they get older and realize that they have been adopted, it is a possibility that they would like to meet their birth parents. I think this is a decision that the family must make as a whole and they should discuss all reason on why they shouldn’t or should let the child meet the birth parent(s). 

The divorce of a family can have a major impact on a child. It is important that parents find ways that their child can learn to cope with the separation. The key things is to let the child know that even though they are separated that each parent is still going to be an important factor in their life. Make sure that there is cooperative parenting. Both parents must setup guidelines that must be followed. All this can be minimize by having open communication and allow the children to acknowledge how they feel and explain to them that the cause of the divorce is not their fought.