I must say that I have learned a lot since beginning on this journey. As I studied about future of children and the influences of their environment it helped me to put things in perspectives. I learned that children are not just for us as educators to teach, we learn from them as well. Children begin learning very early in life they depend on adults to teach them language to prepare them for the life ahead of them. I learned that each transition is critical to their development and as they are growing I am to mold and monitor every interaction of their development. 

I have learned that you cannot be afraid of using big words when talking to them because it increases their vocabulary and enlighten their imaginary. When working with children I must know what I stand for and what I don’t. I want the children to be successful but not to the point that they are discourage. My responsibilities are to be persistence, work hard, and be consistence without taking shortcuts. I have learned to ask for help when needed and not be afraid of failing. The best lessons are learned through mistakes. The main lesson is to remain humble, continue learning, and never quit.

I must admit I gave thought to quitting many times. But each time I was reminded of how far I’ve come and that I would be giving up on the children that depended on me. I can’t believe that in six weeks I will be done, and my reward will be a Bachelor of Science in Child Development. I will do my best to apply all that I have learned so that the child will be successful and the parents well informed. I am so grateful and full of joy. I can’t believe I did it!