Research Progress Report


research paper due on this sunday 11/20/2020.

Research Progress Report (20 points)

Research topic is : Lawton (Oklahoma) Serial killer mystery.

To help me understand where you are so far in your research, you should complete the following research progress report.  You will type each of the headings in part one on your MLA formatted document, then write at least a paragraph about each.  For step two, you should also include a Working Bibliography. On the bibliography, you will list each source you have found so far, alphabetized and documented in MLA citation format. 

Part One-

Scope and Purpose:

In this section you will discuss the context of your research, the areas where you are searching for source material, and the purpose of this paper.  Hint: most of this will come from the assignment sheet. 


This is where you discuss the sources you have found so far, the patterns you see emerging, and the possible theses you see developing.

Additional Work and Research Needed:

In this section you should discuss the sources you still need to find as well as all of the steps still remaining in the research paper writing process

Remaining Questions:

In this section you should discuss any questions you would still like to answer with research and how you plan to go about finding those answers.

Expected Results:

In this section you should outline what you hope to achieve with this research and paper.  This is not asking about your grade.  Instead, discuss what you hope to contribute to the larger conversation about the crime and the media influence.

Part Two-

This is where you should complete your working bibliography by listing each source you have found so far.  These sources should be formatted in MLA and alphabetized.  At this point, you should have at least five of your ten sources located

· Research Tips

After reading your discussions from last week, I am noting that you have all chosen great cases but some of you are veering off course on what the assignment is actually asking you to do.  I would like to offer a few suggestions to help you stay on track.

1.  Read the assignment sheet several times to be sure you fully understand what is being asked of you.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

2.  Make sure you are focusing on the media coverage of the case and not the details of the case. Imagine that you are a lawyer, and your job is to convince the jury that the media coverage across the four levels of coverage had X (fill in the X with your answer) effect on the narrative of the murder.  You should provide 1-2 specific media examples from each level and fully analyze each of those rhetorically (you may need to revisit some notes from Comp. I) to support your thesis.  For each media example, you need to introduce the title of the source, the author, the date published, and any other contextual information needed.  Then, you should quote that source extensively, pointing out the places where that source contained details that support your thesis.  For print sources you might consider the diction used, the details included vs the details left out, the use of humor or images, and the comparison of that source with other sources published earlier or later.  For TV broadcasts, talk shows, and documentaries, you can also consider the body language of the speaker, voice inflection, facial expressions, etc…  

Your entire focus on this paper should be an analysis of the media coverage to prove that the media coverage as it moved through the four levels of coverage had X effect on the narrative of the murder.

3.  Make sure you are finding appropriate sources.  Your sources should come from the four levels of coverage, and you will be analyzing these sources, so they may not necessarily be scholarly and certainly not peer reviewed.  

These are media sources not scholarly journals.  

You will need one scholarly, peer reviewed source quoted in the introduction that helps set up the context of your argument.  This source should examine the effect of media coverage on crime.  The rest of the paper should be an examination of the media sources at each level of coverage.  You will not be citing sources like Murderpedia and the Crime Library.  Those sources simply give the details of the case.  This paper is not about the details of the case; it is about the media coverage of the case.  You can assume that any reader who is interested in reading about the media coverage of a case is already familiar with the details of the murder.

4.  Make sure you are citing the source material correctly in text and on the works consulted page.  Your essay can be extremely well written and fail due to poorly cited sources.  Failure to cite correctly destroys your credibility and quickly causes even the most well written papers to unravel.

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