Research paper/ 7 pages due TODAY AT 11 P.M/

Police Brutality within Minorities 

Castro Jean 

Professor Genkin 

Current Issues in Criminal Justice 



      Police brutality against black communities has been a significant issue influencing numerous nations in the United States. Especially now the rate of police brutality has been on the uprise in the past years and there never tends to be any justice. when looking at all the previous cases you can see that minorities are affected the most. One of the most frequent cases that comes to mind that shows the occurrence of police brutality and also how there was never any justice would be the Breonna Taylor case.

II. Body paragraph 1 — What is police brutality and its effect on minorities 

    A. What can be considered excessive force

    B. What laws put against it police 

III. Body paragraph 2 — What are the causes for police brutality among minorities

    A. Psychological reasons

    B. Hatred for a specific group or culture could be a cause

   C.  Is it a matter of superiority?

    D.Can Power corrupt an officer?

IV. Body Paragraph — Where is it occurring most

    A. States, Cities

    V. Body paragraph — Reported cases

    A. what reported cases are there

    B. What has been done about the cases

VI. Body paragraph — What are the statistics on this issue 

    A. How much is it increasing

    B. How big of a problem is it

VIII. Conclusion– Police brutality is an issue that can affect the lives of those innocent people who were taken advantage of. Especially if that person was targeted because of their skin tone or face, It also affects the lives of the officers just trying to do their jobs . There are numerous steps that could be taken in order to stop police brutality amongst minorities