Repost 1 – Christian Education – 5 Assignments

(((1)))Week Three Due Date 11-27-20: Read “The Teaching Church At Work” chapters one and two and complete the following: 

  1. The word disciple is to be interpreted _________________ or _______________.
  2. The church as a teaching community is a community of persons, drawn together by their commitment to Jesus Christ, who develop and extend that community through the ___________________ of __________________.
  3. Without adequate biblical and theological rootage the teaching ministry can never ___________________ its basic commission.
  4. ___________________ is key to effective teaching ministry.
  5. A teaching church cannot ________________ its ministry unless the whole congregation is involved.
  6. Learning is a ________________ pursuit for the individual Christian and for the Christian community.
  7. Write out the goal of the church’s educational ministry as stated at the beginning of chapter two. 
  8. What are the three purposes of goals?
  9. An effective teaching ministry is built upon the common understanding by a congregation of its _________________.
  10. A _____________ ____________ of understanding the educational task of the church is to focus on a goal or hoped-for outcome. 

(((2))) Week Four Due Date 12-4-20: Read “The Educational Ministry of a Church: AComprehensive Model For Students and Ministers” chapters one thru three and complete the following: 

  1. The Bible is the basic book for the educational ministry of a church. True/False
  2. Christian educators must know good methodology and good fleshly (worldly) theology and find ways to bring these together effectively in the lives of learners. True/False
  3. The law and history were the main subject matter of Christian education. True/False
  4. What was the principal purpose of the synagogues?
  5. History is a __________________ account of events.
  6. The church of the New Testament was a teaching-learning fellowship and that teaching was its very __________________.
  7. List the six ways the early Christians educated.
  8. ___________________ is gaining in knowledge, understanding, skill, attitude, appreciation, feelings. _________________ is helping in learning.
  9. One of the goals of a teacher is to influence learning. True/False
  10. Study the pyramid chart (Figure 1) on page 41 and list the direct and indirect experiences of learning. 

(((3))) Week Five Due Date 12-11-20: Read “The Educational Ministry of a Church” chapters four thru five and complete the following:

  1. What are the thirteen portraits the textbook gives to portray the church?
  2. The English word church translates the Greek word ________________, which means the called out ones or assembly.
  3. Write out the Southern Baptist Convention descriptive statement about the church.
  4. What definitions did Hobbs give for “Petra” and “Petros”?
  5. It is the mission of a church to make known the manifold wisdom of the church leadership. True/False
  6. According to the textbook, what is worship and ministry?
  7. Explain the four key constructs: (1) Maturity of faith (2) Growth in maturity of faith (3) Denominational loyalty (4) Congregational loyalty
  8. Effective Christian education is as important for the faith development of adults as it is for youth. True/False
  9. Efficient communications – Christians must not use all media capabilities to make known the manifold wisdom of God. True/False
  10. Religious education will play an essential role in any church that looks to the future to meet its ________________ and _________________.

(((4))) Week Six Due Date 12-18-20: Read “The Teaching Church at Work” chapters three,four and five. Submit a two page reflection paper on each chapter. —2 page w/cover page apa Week Seven Due Date 12-26-20: Read “The Teaching Church at Work” chapters nine,ten and twelve. Submit a two to three page reflection paper on each chapter. –2 page w/cover page apa