Public relations plan part 2

You will submit your PR Plan implementation and strategy section this week. This is a plan to assess and evaluate each of the objectives.  These evaluations should occur throughout the course of the campaign as well as at the end of the project.  On-going evaluations throughout the campaign help to keep the project on track.  Evaluations at the end show which objectives were successful and which could be improved in the future.  There are various ways to evaluate your objectives.  Be creative, but choose evaluations that will be useful.  For example, you could propose that the organization keep a running scoreboard throughout the campaign to provide a visual reminder of what has been done and of work yet to completed.  This is only one possible suggestion – there are countless others. This should be a minimum of two page

 you will write a brief statement regarding the ethical considerations of your campaign.  This will probably be short (2-3 paragraphs) and may seem rather obvious.  An ethical consideration that often arises with any public event is for the organization to take the necessary steps to provide for the safety of people participating in the event.  While it may seem like this point goes without saying, you do not want to assume that ethical considerations will merely take care of themselves.  Your campaign proposal should spell out any ethical concerns that need to be addressed, as well as your own thoughtful suggestions for dealing with the issue.

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