PSMJ Initial Reflection

What is an “Initial Reflection?” It certainly implies that there will be a Final Reflection, and you are correct! There will be a final reflection at the end of the course. Reflective writing is one way for you to see how your knowledge, understanding, and goals evolve over time. This assignment is designed to give you an anchor point for who you are and what you know as you enter this course. You are “reflecting” on what you know – in other words, describing for yourself and me, a little of all the good things in your brain/heart at this point in time. Then, at the end of the course, you will have a similar assignment so you can “reflect” on what has changed and what has not.

Remember this follows the statement in the syllabus describing the journal entries. Here is it pasted for ease as well: – Journaling assignments in this course are a place for informal conversational writing. This “space” in the course is designed to give you the opportunity to apply your learning in a personal way. You may also use the journal space to speak with me privately about questions you may have about the course or about course material you find of special interest. Remember to use the textbox for any communication to me or requesting feedback. Do not post any assignments in the box though. Plan on allotting between 1-2 hours to complete a journal entry.   

For this journal entry, you have three options on the formatting list below. We are all different so tend to have different ways we deal with stress, reflect, etc. So choose the option that best fits you! Keep in mind the final reflection at the end of the semester must be done the same way.

So you can do choose ONE of the following formats: 

1) Write a minimum of 3 paragraphs (roughly 300-500 words) but you may have more than 3 if you wish in a narrative essay format.


2) Write the paper in question/answer format. This needs to be a minimum of 400-word narrative (that is only counting your writing portion, not the question that is listed portion) or can look at it as a whole with the questions being included so at least 500 – 600 words listing the questions. You should still have an introduction paragraph and a summary paragraph. 


3) You also have the option of doing it in video style similar to the way we did the “Intro discussion board assignment” where you are saying the question out loud then answering. This needs to follow the same requirements stated in the writing option. 

Whatever option you pick, your writing/video should flow more like a story or the way you would speak in a conversation. The way that I am writing these instructions is an example of the style/tone I’m describing to you.

In your paper/video incorporate  all of the following items: 

  1. What do you know about stress in yourself?
  2. What types of stress do you observe in your community?
  3. What are your biggest questions and/or concerns about stress in yourself and in your community? Is there a relationship?
  4. Describe how you handle stress in general.
  5. What would you like to change about the way you handle stress and why?
  6. What resources are you currently aware of that would help you make these changes?
  7. What do you expect to learn in this course?
  8. What would you like to learn in this course?