prompt 13


One of the best ways to understand our world is to imagine how it might be different.  One of the best ways to approach a problem is to imagine different possibilities, no mater how unlikely.  For these reasons, I’d like us to play an imagination game for Prompt 13.

In terms of a healthy imagination, two of the most important words are “What if?”  Children are geniuses when it comes to putting the rational, logical mind aside and allowing a more creative, inventive thought process to take over.  Sadly, too many schools systematically drum creativity out of children’s minds from the get-go.  For prompt 13, let’s play a game that attempts to reignite our child-like regard for the imagination.

Here’s what we’ll do: respond to one of the following, or better yet, create your own “What if” scenario.  Open your mind, fully imagine a world where one of possibilities exists, write, and enjoy!  (Remember to respond to a peer’s work of genius!)

What if, instead of women, men had to become pregnant and give birth?

What if all diseases are eradicated by medical science, and barring accident or suicide, the average lifespan grows to 250 years?

What if, suddenly, the human race evolves so that we don’t need sleep?  We just don’t get tired.  Is this a good world or a bad world?

What if a pill is invented that provides everyone with all the nutrition they need, so food becomes obsolete?  The pill is easily distributed, so world hunger is wiped out.  How would our lives change?

Fascist leaders have taken over the world, and art is declared illegal.  What if you lived in this world?