Project review

APA format, 2 pages, in-text citation, references include, answer the 3 following questions below:

1. Project Reviews. The American Productivity and Quality Center (APQC) suggests that all organizations include project reviews in their project management “toolkit”.  What are the key benefits of conducting (1) in process reviews, (2) post-project reviews? If there are so many benefits, why would an organization elect not to conduct project review activities (during and after).  What are these firms losing by not reviewing projects?  

2. Closing the Project. Discuss the major steps in closing a project or project phase. Why is it particularly important to follow each of these closure steps for the current project, and for future projects?

3. Some parting thoughts on agile. As we approach the end of this course, let’s reflect briefly on the agile approach (which you read about in Week 5) and contrast it with the traditional approach which has been the subject of most of this course. The spirit of the agile approach is captured in the Agile Manifesto. Read pages 7-10 in the Agile Practice Guide (link is in Links to PMI Publications in PMI Information under Course Resources). When you read pages 8 and 9, substitute in your mind the words “product or service” wherever you see the word “software”. (Agile had its roots in software development, but is now used in many other areas and industries.) Pick any ONE of the four values (in the Agile Manifesto) and discuss how it contrasts with the traditional approach that you have focused on in this course.