Project paper

Your final report will consist of your project topic, external system analysis (i.e. Blog 2), set of user requirements (i.e. P2: Personas) and prototype with detailed. explanations for all design considerations. Design considerations should be informed by existing literature, whether the textbook or other resources. Your prototype should consist of a minimal of 3 system mock-ups with detailed descriptions for each.
Example: If I were to redesign my academic social network, SocialXYZ to be mobile friendly, I might showcase 3 distinct views of the new system including one for the homepage, another for the discussion board and a third for the profile since those feature are very important for how I use the system. For each of these views, I would use Photoshop or another image editor (even MS Paint would work) to redesign the look and feel of the system as it should look on a smartphone. These design considerations would relate back to the textbook.
Report Grading Rubric
Introduction (2.5pts): The introduction will provide an overview of the system you plan to (re)design.
Background (5pts): The background will integrate Blog 2 (Analysis of Existing Systems) and P2 (Requirements Gathering). In this section, identify the strengths and weaknesses of existing systems and what design considerations you, as the designer, have considered. In this space, you will want to include screenshots and / or mock-ups of those existing systems. You should not include any components of the system you plan to propose.
Design (30pts): The design section will include at least 3 detailed screenshots of your proposed system with detailed explanations. You can construct mock-ups using any techniques available. There are lots of free-Photoshop alternatives, so I encourage you to explore them. Each mock-up should also be accompanied by a detailed description of the design and how it relates to material discussed in this course.
Textbook Terms: (10pts) Bold and include at least 10 HCI-Related Terms from the textbook, class notes or slides.
Conclusion (2.5pts): Your conclusion should highlight your overall approach and summarize your work.
References (5pts): Include a minimum of 5 resources / references that provided you with information for your system. Resources may consist of personal interviews, system documentation, newspaper, magazine, or journal articles, websites, etc. Follow proper MLA formatting.
Formatting (5pts): Spelling and grammar should be thoroughly checked before submitting your work. Points are deducted for spelling/keyboarding and grammatical errors. All work should be attempted using the SocialXYZ wiki. If do not use the wiki, reports must be double spaced using a 12-point font and 1″ (inch) side margins. Heading should be used to designate appropriate sections of the paper.
Format: PDF document 
Notes: Please note that your paper is a culmination of much of the work you have already done (SUS analysis, Personas) with added sections for your system design. Regarding the prototype, keep in mind that it is a non-working prototype, which simply means it will consist of 3 system mock-ups (aka renderings / drawings / screenshots) of your proposed system along with explanations for your design considerations. If you are having grave difficulty using software, you may hand-draw / sketch your design. Remember, the primary goal of this exercise is to get your concept across and provide some rationale, so have fun with the design. Also, if you have any concerns, please consult me. I’ll help out, of course. Finally, I have provided a paper template that you can follow. Considering that your paper will include numerous screenshots, please shoot for a minimum of 5 pages.