Classroom Observation Project

This project will require you to carefully describe and evaluate the use of technology in the classroom. You will need to evaluate your own classroom and describe how well you believe you have integrated technology into your curriculum based upon the five NETS for Teachers ( Please address each individual standard and identify your level in each of the five areas (e.g. proficient) and provide specific examples of how these are being addressed or steps you could take to address these in the future.

You will also be required to select a peer’s classroom that you would like to visit and also evaluate. During your observation period, you will need to take notes on how the teacher incorporates technology into the classroom. What technologies does the teacher utilize? Evaluate the teacher’s proficiency based upon the five NETS for Teachers. Are the technologies utilized simply as a means to deliver course content or do they engage students in such a way as to promote active and meaningful learning? Were any 21st century technologies used to address diverse learning needs? If so, include these in your paper.

You will need to interview the teacher about how technologies have been utilized in the classroom. What drove the selection of the technologies utilized? Does the instructor have plans for utilizing other technologies in the classroom? Your notes should help you to formulate other interview questions.

Once you have completed your observation and interview, you will use all of your notes to write a 5-7 page paper that includes the following:

Provide a synopsis of your observation;
Provide a synopsis of your interview; and,
Make recommendations for more effectively utilizing technologies in the classroom. In making your recommendations, you will need to give specific examples from your observation notes. (You are NOT required to share your recommendations with the teacher that you observed.) Furthermore, you will be required to support your recommendations with scholarly sources.

The paper must be documented use APA style and include a list of references.

Please use the Classroom Observation Template to help organize your evaluation, observation, and interview of your peer's classroom. After completed, this will help you in writing your final paper.

Classroom Observation Project Grading RubricCriterionPts.

1. Includes a discussion of technology and addresses all five standards described by NETS for Teachers, providing a specific level of proficiency in each standard(25 pts)

2. Includes description of observation of peer’s classroom, types of technologies used, examples of how technologies are used (includes evaluation based upon NETS for Teachers), and recommendations(25 pts)

3. Provides a synopsis of interview(25 pts)4. Paper meets the minimum page requirement (minimum of 5-7 pages of written work-not including title and reference page); includes outside resources to support points (please utilize your texts and scholarly research); submitted in APA format (which includes title and reference page); and is submitted on time(25 pts)