Problem Statement

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  1. This assignment has two parts.

    Part 1: Problem Statement
    View the Dissertation Series Tutorial – Problem Formulation.

    Read the Guide to Developing the Problem Statement and then review the two sample problems below:

    SAMPLE PROBLEM 1: The problem is that husbands caring for wives with breast cancer have a demanding caretaking schedule, resulting in failure to practice their own self-care (LeSeure & Chongkham-ang, 2015).

    SAMPLE PROBLEM 2: The problem is that despite extreme workplace stress, police officers lack stress management skills, resulting in diminished health, family life, and work performance (Toers-Bijins, 2012).

    Write a 1-sentence original problem for a prospective study you might conduct using the format below:

    The problem is that _____ (state problem), resulting in ______ (consequence). 

    Include a citation to support the problem, and provide a reference.

    Part 2: Background to the Problem
    Locate 2 or 3 peer-reviewed scholarly articles (published within the last 5 years) from the University Library that address the problem.  

    Write 1 to 2 paragraphs providing a brief description and background of the identified problem using the scholarly articles to support the existence of the problem. Be sure to use scholarly voice.

    Use the provided Research Outline Template to ensure proper APA formatting.

    Note: Beginning this week, you will be using this template for your assignments, with the expectation that all revisions are incorporated from feedback from previous week(s).

    Include APA-formatted in-text citations, a title page, and a reference page.

    Submit your assignment.

    Note: You will continue to narrow the focus of the problem as you continue reading relevant literature.


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