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Assignment: Professional Portfolio

A professional Portfolio is a collection of documents that provides  evidence of your education, skill sets, accomplishments, goals,  competencies, professional background, your dedication to life-long  learning, and anything else that validates your commitment to your  profession. A professional Portfolio is a tool to help you prepare and  plan your career as well as assist you in role acquisition. Once you  complete your Portfolio, much of what you need for the next phase of  your career will already be collected! Additionally, this Portfolio  assignment will promote a process of self-reflection and self-awareness  which are necessary components to acquiring a new professional identity.  Once completed, you will be able to identify your strengths and  accomplishments which will help you develop confidence as you transition  from the role of a registered nurse to that of an advanced practice  nurse.


Below is a list of documents/artifacts that you will need to include  in your portfolio. For this unit you need to complete items 1–4. Please  scan these and save as a word document. At the end of Unit 8 your  ePortfolio should be one  word document. The following format should be  used:

  1. Title Page (APA format)
  2. Table of contents
  3. Personal Philosophy: Write a brief page on your philosophy of advanced practice nursing in primary care.
  4. NP Role definition: Write a brief paper that includes your  definition and characterization of the NP role in the current U.S.  healthcare environment.
  5. Resume: Develop a resume that is no more than three pages and  includes contact information, at least three professional goals, all  undergraduate degrees and certifications, all previous formal education,  recent continuing education or training, employment history, and  accomplishments such as awards or publications.
  6. NP job description: Describe your ideal NP position with details of  duties and responsibilities (look at NP job descriptions on the Web for  structure), work environment, patient population, interdisciplinary team  members, salary requirements with expected benefits, scope of practice  (i.e. independence vs. collaboration), and hours.
  7. Cover Letter: Write a cover letter for the above position you just  described. Make sure your cover letter includes a career goal, a  paragraph that explains why you are a perfect fit for this job and how  your background, training, and education qualifies you for this job.
  8. Recommendations: Obtain three letters of recommendation and include these with your resume.
  9. Documents: Provide (copies) of the following professional documents:  nursing license, certifications, malpractice insurance, academic  transcripts, a completed application for the nurse practitioner  certification examination (ANCC or AANP), recent professional activities  such as committee work, volunteer work, published works. Evidence of  professional association memberships.
  10. National Certification: Describe step by step what you will need to  do to become nationally certified as an NP (ANCC or AANP). Include a  list of the requirements needed for you to apply for national  certification as a Family Nurse practitioner or Adult Nurse  Practitioner. What is the minimum score on the certification exam to  pass? How will you prepare for the exam? (Be specific on what you plan  to do such as attend a national review course.)
  11. Scholarly work: Include an exemplar of a scholarly paper (3 to 5  pages in APA format) on the relevance of evidence based practice in  primary care (you may use a previously submitted Assignment).
  12. Clinical Judgment: Include an exemplar of a case study that  demonstrates your critical thinking skills, diagnostic skills,  utilization of evidenced based practice, and clinical judgment,  pharmacological management, follow up plan, and how you would promote  preventive care for this patient (you may use a previous Assignment).

Plan for Lifelong learning: Describe a plan for how you will meet  continuing professional development, practice hours, and continuing  education as required by your State Board of Nursing and your  credentialing organization. Specifically, do you plan on using online  CEUs, publishing, attending national seminars and conferences?