Policy Memo

The memo should be written to the head of local or Federal government agency advising them on a terrorism or homeland security issue.

The memo should be a minimum of 1 page and a maximum of 2 pages in length (written single space!). 

As with any document you would provide a government agency, I expect a high standard in terms of the grammar and structure of your memo.  The grade will less depend on whether I am convinced by your analytical judgment or recommendation, but rather, the grade will reflect how well you supported your key arguments and whether you convince me (the senior official addressed in the memo) that your objectively weighing the benefits and costs of the issue .  

The student has flexibility on the focus of the policy memo.  Most policy memos for this course either provide an analysis of a debated terrorism or enforcement issue (e.g., the threat of cyber terrorism or the need to take part in a hypothesized new fusion center) and will have the purpose of informing that policy maker on that issue.

Policy memos differ based on purpose.  You can choose your role in this assignment (agency employee/outside consultant/interested academic).  Nevertheless, for this assignment you should argue for a specific policy/action while presenting the memo as an objective weighing of the benefits and disadvantages of your recommendation.