policy evaluation stage 4

 The final draft should be a polished version of stages 1, 2, and 3.  It should incorporate any changes that the TA or I suggest you make and should reflect any new thoughts or ideas that you think will lead to an improvement in the paper. 

stage 2 feedback:

This stage of the paper was supposed to focus on a particular policy, how it ties into the economic theory and models discussed in the course so far, and provide summaries of other empirical, peer reviewed papers that look at similar policies.

In this, you talk about CERB, but do not offer any insight into how it ties into the framework discussed in class, and provide no summaries of other empirical papers looking at similar policies. 

In preparation of your final submission, please spend more time trying to connect the policies with the class material, and finding other empirical papers to discuss and summarize.

 Does not include summaries of other empirical papers focusing on policies similar to the one in question.

Provides no explanation of the possible outcomes of this policy using the theory discussed in the class thus far.

stage 3 feedback:

Much of this submission spent talking about the details of CERB, as well as the effectiveness of the other policies implemented by Canada. There is very little content discussing the specific outcomes of CERB, and if the policy can be measured as a success, or how it compares to other similar wage subsidy/transfer programs.

For your final submission, please include more of a discussion on how CERB is different from other policies that are similar, as well as how the setting of CERB is different from those other policies. 

There is little discussion on potential changes to CERB and how they would affect the effectiveness of the program, so please elaborate on that for your final submission as well. 

Your writing continues to have awkward phrasing and a lack of editing. Please pay close attention to both of these prior to your final submission next week.