Please answer both of the following Discussion Questions (they should be clearly # and placed in a single post, one on top of the other):

1. After reading the attached article discuss the First Opium War and the role that the Western powers played in spreading and controlling the use of opium in China and other areas during that time period. 

2. In conducting additional research outside of the weekly readings, within recent years, many of our top elected officials and law enforcement agencies have condemned what is seen as a huge increase in Chinese illegal drug involvement/importation including Fentanyl and other powerful narcotics being trafficked in the U.S. and other parts of the western hemisphere. While on the other side some Chinese supporters have asked how is this any different than what the west did to China in the early years

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Does such an argument hold water…why or why not? Also if you think it does merit a comparison…does two wrongs make a right?

The First Opium War 1839-1842.pdf

Course Objective(s): 

CO2: Examine the impact of the First Opium War and the role that England, France, and the United States played in the proliferation of opium in the Far East

CO3: Examine how world events led to the proliferation of opium around the globe