Persuasive Essay

  My Thesis (needs to be changed)-  Online classes are more effective than traditional classes because it provides people with full-time jobs accessible sources to help them with their work.

Write a 3-5 page essay that directly responds to one of the prompts below. All essays are expected to follow the conventions of MLA format, including using Times New Roman 12 point font, one inch margins, and citing any outside sources you might reference. You will need to cite at least one relevant peer reviewed/scholarly source and one credible website to support your argument. Please see grading information below for additional considerations when writing this essay. This is not a personal narrative, so it should not contain any first person usage (I, me, my.) Formal essays should never contain second person usage (you, your.) All late essays will lose a letter grade for every day they are late. Essays will not be accepted over three days past the due date.

 Which is one is more effective, traditional classes or online classes? Why? 

PLEASE NOTE: I am purposely using the vague term “effective” because I want you to set the parameters of what makes one choice “better.” For example, effective could mean course completion rates, grades, students’ satisfaction, etc. You will need to decide how you’ll determine effectiveness. 


-Introduction is interesting and appropriately familiarizes the reader with the topic.

-Paper contains a clear, easily discernable thesis statement.

-Body paragraphs support and further explain the thesis statement and present one supporting point per paragraph.

-The paper is written in grammatically correct Standard English.

-Student has effectively incorporated at least one relevant peer reviewed source and at least one credible website. 

-Paper adheres to MLA format, including heading, header, and works cited.

-Conclusion effectively provides a sense of completeness and closure to the paper.

-Paper shows author’s consideration of the audience and purpose through the use of appropriate tone. 

Note: Essays that do not meet the minimum length requirement of three full pages (not including the works cited page) will lose at least a letter grade.