Part 6 – Plan for Business Data and Analytics


You are the Vice President of Information Technology at a small, growing business. You have been tasked with developing a plan for maintaining databases for storage of business data and use in business analytics. 

Using the work from Weeks 1-5, create a 20-minute presentation (10-12 slides) to explain your Database Management Plan. Ensure you:  

  • Provide an overview of how databases can be used in a company to store and extract information. 
  • Distinguish how organizational data can be used in the most effective way through developing a database. 
  • Compare how structured and unstructured data are used for data analytics, including concepts like Cloud and Hadoop. 
  • Evaluate and assist company decision makers in understanding the importance of database administration and data governance in relation to building scalable and robust applications. 
  • List the benefits of data administration compared to database administration.  
  • Propose an effective data governance program. 
  • Recommend how individual team roles can contribute to finding ways to build in ongoing monitoring; all roles have an interest in database quality and recovery. 
  • Summarize how your plan will assist the company in overall effectiveness, including the value of analytic results, such as data visualization and finding and applying patterns. 

Your goal is to convince them that by implementing your Database Management Plan, the organization will be able to deliver effective, reliable data management support to meet business needs.