Part 2 of Financial Analysis Research Project using Excel & Tableau.

Part 1 (The first 8 pages) of this assignment has already been completed and can be found in the Word Document called “Research Project Format Templete.doc” This assignment will require you to finish Part 2 of this research report on the financial position of a fictitious company, ABC Hospital, and analyze the impact of expanding its facilities. You will conduct your analysis based on commonly used accounting practices.

Part 1:

1.  Review the sample financial statements for ABC Hospital and discuss their current financial position and any trends that you see. “ABC Hospital Financial Statements.xlsx”.  

2.  Complete the “Project Financial Data Template.xlsx” spreadsheet with the required calculations (the common size and ratios tabs).  

3.  Analyze your findings and embed Excel calculations into the “Research Project Format Template.doc” 

Part 2:

4.  Open “Project Financial Date Template.xlsx” and complete the required calculations for the Employee A and Employee B’s time cards and material requisitions. Analyze and embed time cards and requisitions into the “Research Project Format Template.doc”. 

5.  Use Tableau software to visually present the costs associated with delivering healthcare in a hospital. Import the data and costs found in “CMS Dataset.xlsx” into Tableau. 

6.  Based on your analysis of Part 1, the attached documents, and your calculations, discuss whether you think ABC Hospital should expand its operations in Texas. Embed the Tableau charts into “Research Project Format Template.doc” and discuss any qualitative factors beyond the quantitative calculations that were used to come to this conclusion.  These qualitative factors may include the ability to obtain financing, staffing needs, the impact on patients, etc.

Your analysis must be based on peer-reviewed literature. The body of the paper must be at least 15 pages (including embedded exhibits), contain a minimum of 10 references (academic journals, professional journals, and/or appropriate authoritative references only), and written in third-person perspective using APA format (size 12, Times New Roman font). All Excel and Tableau calculations must be embedded into the Word document as exhibits.