Paper on 5g Technology

Paper on (5g Technology)-> topic 

Paper should include these points

1) Describe the product/service in detail and the ethical challenges.- how it evolve, what is it? how it works, why there are ethical issues and challenges. 

 2) Draw support from the references.  

 3) Include Four or more references.  

Follow these instruction carefully.

This paper needs to be at least 5 pages (excluding title page, references), single-spaced, single-column, and 11pt Times Roman font. Each page has a 1-inch margin on all sides. The first line of each paragraph must indent by 0.25in. 

A small example will look like this 

Our group has decided to research and tackle on the topic 5G wireless technology. Every new generation of wireless network delivers faster speed and more functionality to our smartphones. The 1G introduced us to the first cell phones, 2G introduced us texting, 3G brought us online, and 4G is delivering the speeds that everybody enjoying today. This was a small history of mobile network and how it is growing in the time. 5G network or the fifth generation of wireless technology that promises to more than just a faster network and is now available nationwide in US. 5G is the combination of five new different technology millimeter waves, small cell, massive MIMO, Beamforming, Full Duplex to connect everything and everyone with high performance speed. It is stated that the capacity of 5G network is to provide data transfer rates faster than a blink of an eye. This a great technology that is helping us to connect with our family and friends from anywhere without a wired connected. But there are also many ethical issues that 5G has faced during the invention and still facing it. One of the biggest reasons 5G is on the controversial news is because of the health risk from its wireless radiation. There are many articles debating how 5g will affect not only humans but also animals. Once 5g is everywhere and connected to everything it will be easy hackers to invade your privacy. For every 5g equipped thing there is chance of losing user personal information.