Paper 5


Length: Your final paper should be approximately 1500-2000 words, typed and double spaced. Avoid spelling and grammatical errors.

Topic I choose: probability in weather forecast(prediction)

Content: Your final paper can be on a totally new subject or you can choose to expand on a topic you have already written about. Either way, you should start fresh—do not simply add 3 new pages onto an existing paper. You may, however, reuse sources or interesting mathematical examples.

Your final paper should touch on at least one of the topics we discussed as a class—symmetry, approximation, probability or fairness. I will interpret all of these categories very broadly. You can combine any subset of these topics as well!

Your final paper should include 3 of the 4 following components:

1. A working definition of the mathematical topic you are exploring.

2. A personal connection to the topic.

3. Outside sources (I highly recommend you include this component in your paper).

4. A concrete mathematical example of the topic you are exploring.

Make sure your topic is focused and specific. Avoid making generic declamations like “Symmetry is everywhere” or “Math is important”. If you make a statement, back it up with evidence or outside sources. Avoid a paper that is a laundry list of examples (e.g. A paper that simply lists symmetric objects is not very interesting or deep.)

You may assume some mathematical maturity from your audience, but the ideas should be clearly articulated. Imagine you are handing your final paper to a classmate in this class. Even if they are not an expert in the subject matter, they should be able to read and understand your essay.

Hints for previous paper:  the organization of your paper difficult to follow. You were also missing a concrete mathematical example. (weather probability paper)

 For the final paper, avoid a paper that functions like a list. Try to pick a specific topic to really focus on.